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Mar 2012
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Hello everyone, I am Rosina or just Rose. I adopted Gabriella-Wilde.com from the wonderful Hillie , who did an amazing job with the site. There’s been a lot going on in Gabriella’s career, so be prepared for a bunch of updates during the next days.

Oct 2011
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The Three Musketeers is the must-see action movie of the fall. It’s got everything you could want in a movie, from killer fight scenes to laugh-out-loud comedy to romance. You’re going to fall in love with the movie’s stars, Logan Lerman and Gabriella Wilde. Logan plays D’Artagnan, a confident and skilled swordsman who joins the Musketeers on their mission to save France. Along the way, he tries to win the heart of Constance, the queen of France’s lady-in-waiting who wants nothing to do with D’Artagnan. While they may not have gotten along on screen, Logan and Gabriella were super-friendly to each other when they sat down with Seventeen to give you all the dish on their new movie!

Seventeen: How are you similar to your character?
Gabriella Wilde: The characters are from a very different time, so I think there’s obviously a lot of differences there. The world they’ve grown up in is totally different to sort of where I have, but I think there’s certain things, like Constance’s curiosity and open-mindedness to a world outside hers. I kind of identified with that.

17: Why do you think we can still relate to this classic tale in 2011?
GW: It may be based on things that don’t happen anymore, but there’s still real relationships going on that you can identify with and a coming-of-age story in it that’s still fun and people can identify with, I think.

Read the full interview here.

Oct 2011
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Just added outtakes of Gabriella’s shoot for InStyle magazine April issue this year. Enjoy!

Gallery Link:
2011 > Session 02 – InStyle April

Oct 2011
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Gabriella attended the opening ceremony of the Tokyo International Film Festival to promote The Three Musketeers.

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2011 > 10.22.11 : Tokyo International Film Festival Opening Ceremony