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Apr 2015
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Yesterday was Gabriella’s birthday and I would like to wish a happy birthday to this beautiful young woman, mother and talented actress! I hope she enjoyed her day with her family and friends. May this year be full of good things and great opportunities! (gifs)

Dec 2013
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Please, make sure to visit and follow my friend’s tumblr, dailywilde, a blog dedicated to Gabriella who is now our official partner as well! Enjoy the beautiful edits and much more!

Dec 2013
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Hello guys! My name is Lora (you may know me from my other sites Jessica De Gouw Web and Zoey Deutch Network) and I’m the new owner of Gabriella-Wilde.com. As a fan of Gabriella for a long time now, I am really happy to continue Deea&Gabrielle’s work! I will do all my best to provide you the latest news about Gabriella and I can’t wait to work on the site…

Aug 2012
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We setup accounts on Twitter and Facebook so please follow and like us to always be updated on everything new Gabriella Wilde! Click the icons below!  

Jul 2012
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Hello fellow Gabriella fans! My name is Isabelle, and I’m the new owner here at Gabriella-Wilde.com. I’ve been a fan of Gabriella for quite some time now, and I’m super exited about this site! I hope I’ll be able to carry on Rose’s amazing work here. To introduce myself quickly: 18 years old, norvegian (hence my English is not the best, but I’ll do my best!) and making fansites is…